Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Greens of the Season

So last night for dinner we had the first lettuce of the season. I thinned some of the bigger lettuce starts on my greenhouse floor and brought a handful in to eat. Yum! Daughter ate most of them, but I did get a few.

I put my watermelon starts in the garden yesterday and replaced a few of my original zucchini starts with new ones as some didn't survive. I think I might have planted the zucchini in the garden a little too early in the season, or I may not have watered it enough. But I've got plenty of starts and really only need about 3 or 4 plants to mature in order to have more than enough zucchini to eat.

Hubby has been working on upgrading my garden fence. Last year my mom and I hastily put up a 3' rabbit fence around the whole garden using the few stakes I had and some cut up branches. We were intending to replace the branches with better stakes but never got around to it. So this year hubby has put in what seems like telephone poles around the perimeter to hold the fence. The plan is to put up another level of 3' fencing on top of the first on to make a 6' fence that has a better chance of keeping Bambi out of the garden. Last year I had very few leaves on my beans and peas but had plenty of deer pebbles to spread over the rest of the garden. Hopefully this year I'll have the reverse.

I also took the opportunity during the beautiful sunny day to start the job of refinishing the dining room table. I've been wanting to do this for years as the finish has gotten thin in some places and sticky in others. So we took the table apart and moved it to the driveway. I used the belt sander to strip off the old finish and get the table back to bare wood. Tomorrow I plan to put on a few coats of poly to bring it back to the glory of years past. And since we didn't have a dining room table today we had a good excuse to eat outside on the deck.

Ahhh the deck...that's the next project.

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