Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Manicures and tutus

Yesterday was a teacher workday for daughter's school but son still had preschool. So I thought we could spend some mommy-daughter time together getting manicures. The lady gave me a shocked look when I said we'd both like to get our nails done. I guess they don't have too many 6 year old clients. I'm not very fruffy so I picked a really pale pink for my nails, but daughter picked the hottest pink they had. We even went all out and had them paint little flowers on her thumbs and ring fingers. Her fancy fingers were a big hit with the preschool teachers when we went to pick up son (she used to go to the same preschool). She was very careful not to mess up her nails with bath last night and getting ready for school today, and from what I'm told the girls in her class oohed and ahhed over them.

Later this afternoon she had dance class. Today was picture day, and they all wore their costumes, did their hair and wore makeup! We both thought the fancy nails would be a great addition. When she went to have her individual picture taken the teacher positioned her in a cute dance pose then almost jumped when she noticed the nails. "Oh no, you can't have painted fingernails!" So she repositioned her so her nails didn't show for the photo. My thought here is that the individual photos are really just for me. The dance studio doesn't hang these up or even get a copy of them. So if I'm ok with her nails, then why can't they be in my photo? Daughter got a little distraught and thought she had to remove the polish ASAP. So she starts trying to peal it off her fingers. I stopped her before she did any damage and tried to explain that by the time she has her recital the polish will be worn off and her pictures had already been taken today. "No, no, Ms. Julie said I can't have polish!" "Well, Ms. Julie didn't pay $10 to have those little nails painted, so she doesn't have a say in it!"

Ahhh the joys of having a little girl! :)

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