Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bees a buzzin'

Our yard is covered in bees! We have rhododendrons, azaleas & lilacs in bloom and the bumble bees are swarming them. The whole tree looks alive with them moving all around. (yes our rhodies are definitely trees rather than bushes!) And I can't keep from smelling the lilacs every time I go out in the yard. I love that smell!
I put a few more of my starts in the garden the other day. I now have rutabega, green cabbage, green beans and butternut squash in the garden. I put the rutabega in the spot that held my pak choi. I pulled them out the other day when a few of them started to bolt. I'm just not sure how to grow pak choi. I started them early and planted them in the garden in early April. They really didn't grow until it got warmer these past few weeks, but I guess it's now too warm for them. But we ate them anyway, and they were a nice addition to the baby lettuce and baby spinach I got out of the garden. I just picked a few leaves off each plant so they'd all keep growing.

I got rid of a few more of my red cabbage starts today. I now have just a few red and green leaf lettuce and a very few red cabbage starts left, and I think they will all go to Rachel on Friday. Yay!


  1. you stole my post! my camera is currently full of pictures i took yesterday of various bushes and flowers w/ bees in them! i planned on putting it up today... but that would seem redundant now, wouldn't it? ;) oh well, i might just do it anyway.

  2. You snooze you lose! :) Post it anyway. Your followers aren't all my followers, so they'll miss out if you don't.



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