Friday, June 19, 2009

Last day of school

Well, today is daughter's last few minutes of school. I'm not exactly why they insisted on having the kids go to school today as they will get out of school 2 hours after they get there. Seems like a waste of time to me, but I guess the kids will enjoy saying goodbye to all of their friends. And maybe the school district needed a couple more hours of school to have the right number of days for the year. Whatever.

We were going to have lunch in the park and try our hand at geocaching today, but now that it's raining outside I'm not sure what we'll do. Maybe we'll go to a kids' museum or something like that.

Son is mostly over his cold now. Yesterday he was sneezing out lots of yucky stuff, but after a great night's sleep in his own bed he seems to be better. Yay! He stayed in his own bed ALL night, which was great timing since the night before he kept me awake almost the whole night with his kicking. I was ready to go sleep on the couch if he did it again.

The garden and pumpkin patch are enjoying the rain, I'm sure. I seem to have lots of volunteer plants in random places throughout the garden. I noticed I have a volunteer tomato in with the butternut squash, one in the pumpkin patch and another one in with the beets. And yesterday I noticed I had a volunteer watermelon in with the beets, too. When I looked at the compost pike the other day I noticed a bunch of little pumpkin plants sprouting in the middle. I guess those came from the rotten pumpkins we threw in it last fall. Last year my volunteer plants did almost better than the ones I planted. My spinach is starting to show signs of flowering, which is not good. But I guess I've gotten quite a bit of baby spinach out of the patch anyway, so if it bolts it's not a tragedy. And the lettuce is growing like crazy. I think hubby is getting tired of salads already, but he better get used to it! :)

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