Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Treasure Hunting

So we finally tried our hand at Geocaching yesterday with Tina and her kids and had a great time. If you're not familiar with geocaching, it's basically treasure hunting using a GPS. People hide caches all over and post the coordinates where they are hidden on So I go to the website, look for some that are in my area or wherever I want to go then put them on my GPS. When you find one, you sign the logbook that is in the cache, take a trinket and leave a trinket. And while doing all of this skulking around you have to look natural so as not to alert the "muggles" that there is something there.

So yesterday and today we found a couple of caches on the Tolt pipeline trail, one in a nearby park and found 1 of 3 in another park. The first park find was pretty easy. I didn't pay much attention to what the kids took from the box, but as we were walking away I noticed that daughter had grabbed a Travel Bug, which I thought was pretty cool. When I told her that she would have to put the cute little ladybug toy in another cache and couldn't keep it, she promptly put it back and took something else. So until we get a few more of these under our belt, I guess there won't be any travel bugs for us.

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  1. wow...never heard of that before but sounds like a blast! I will have to learn more about it and give it a go...thanks for sharing!



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