Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to my baby boy!

Today Son turns 4 years old! How did that happen? How did my youngest child get to be a 4 year old? Isn't he supposed to still be a little baby? I guess it doesn't work like that.

I asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted and he said "Martian Alien Monster" party. What the heck does that mean? So I went to the party store and looked around. The closest thing I could find that might fit the bill was a Monster bash party. So I bought a few decorations, napkins, temporary tatoos, etc. and brought them home. I guess I picked the right thing because he loved it and thought it was exactly what he wanted. He requested a strawberry cake with martian green icing and asked daughter to make some games for him like "Pin the goo on the Martian".

So after using a whole bottle of green food coloring I finished his cake. Daughter drew a martian and some goo to pin on it and we've got the decorations up. It's supposed to be over 100 degrees here again today, which could make the wading pools outside a big hit or could make them off limits. The house is air conditioned so we may get lots of people seeking the cool air. Whatever the case I'm sure we'll have a party worthy of a Martian Alien Monster...and a 4 year old boy.

Happy Birthday, son!


  1. are you sure he's a newborn in that pic? he looks too pretty! not squishy or blotchy or anything!

    we had a ton of fun today. thanks! oh, and i just realized i left my container there. it was round and clear, had grapes in it. i didn't bring the lid.

  2. yep, have your container. It's washed and I'll bring it by sometime or to the business meeting. Did you happen to leave a pink skirt here, too?

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