Sunday, September 13, 2009

Garden update

The garden is doing pretty well right now.
I'm picking green beans every day, got 3 baseball bat size zucchini today, pulled several beets and even found a few small ears of corn in the bean vines.
Our 3 sunflower plants are probably 10 feet tall and have just headed. We call one of them the Leaning Flower of Pezzee. :)

Cabbage should be heading pretty soon, the onions will be ready to pull soon, too, and the couple of pumpkins in the garden are starting to turn orange. The pumpkins in the separate pumpkin patch have probably gotten a virus of some kind. They have white powdery stuff on the vines and they are starting to die back. There are a couple of small pumpkins in there that may still be OK, but nothing spectacular.
(Ghost Pumpkin, Swiss Chard and Carrots)

Oh, Oh, Oh! I found a handful of RED tomatoes in the garden the other day!!! Didn't think I could do that. The ones in the greenhouse grew huge, but only produced a few small tomatoes.

(The jungle in our greenhouse)

I think the insects just didn't go in there, so the flowers never got pollinated.

Overall it's been a great garden year. I haven't bought veggies all summer, which is the goal. I think every year I change what I plant and move things around to a better place. Maybe one day I'll get it just right...maybe not. :)

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  1. my pumpkins have something going on too. looks like a fungus on the leaves. white chalky looking. and now the leaves are starting to turn brown and die (well, the ones closest to the starts of the vines). but the vines and the pumpkins all seem ok. those 2 pumpkins on my porch and the 3 mini's on the table (where i keep my coffee cup) were havested a couple weeks ago. i've got tons more ripening on the vine.

    next year, put your tomato plants in over here! oh, and have you ever gotten manure from that place down the road from me here? i've been thinking about it. it's free. just never done the manure thing... (that sounds funny, huh?)



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