Sunday, October 11, 2009

What do I want to do when I grow up?

I've been thinking a lot about getting back into the "making money working world" ever since son started his last year of preschool. Next year he'll probably be in full time kindergarten, and I'll have from 9am-3pm kid free. I guess if I don't have a child to care for most of the day I'll feel kind of lazy just doing my own thing and not working at something that makes money or makes a mark on the world in one way or another. I don't really think I want to go back into the corporate, full time, cubicle world. I just don't think I'd be happy doing that even though I know it'd bring in a lot more money than any alternative. So I've made a list of things I like to do and think I'm pretty good at doing. Maybe one or more of these things can keep me busy and make me feel productive.

  1. Tutoring kids in math, reading, etc.
  2. Edit technical articles
  3. Database/Website contract work
  4. Write articles for magazines
  5. Before and After school care
  6. Nanny for infant/toddler
  7. Teach Basic Yoga
  8. Teach Basic Sewing
  9. Plant Gardens for others
  10. Home Organization/Remodeling plans
  11. Sell Plant starts or grown plants
  12. Pet Sitting including chickens or other farm animals
  13. Sewing Projects for others
  14. Selling sewn items
  15. Selling prepared food items from garden (zucchini bread, pickles, etc.)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I love baby chicks

Baby chicks have to be one of the cutest things in the world! They're soft and fuzzy, curious, playful and just downright adorable. I love watching them. We have our 25 new chicks in our greenhouse right now. They get a little startled when you open the door and walk in, but after a few minutes they get used to having these 2 giant feet standing in their room. They love to huddle together in a pile under the heat lamp standing on top of one another. And just like babies, they want to sleep a lot. A chick will be standing there and all of a sudden it will fall forward fast asleep with it's beak in the dirt. Other chicks can walk all over it and even step on its head but the chick just stays asleep. The first time we raised chicks I got really worried when I saw this. I thought "Well, that's it, we just lost a baby chick. It's dead." Then about a minute later it'd get up and walk around. Every now and then they seem to just need to move and will run across the floor like something's chasing them or flap their little almost-wings and try to fly. They don't seem to be scared of us at this age and the kids can squat down and pick one up without it even trying to run away. They also like shiny things and will peck at my ring or at the shiny bits on my shoes. The only part I don't like about baby chicks is that they grow up into ugly in-between chicks before they become hens. I guess chickens have an awkward phase, too.


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