Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is it Spring yet?

The gorgeous weather yesterday made me want to go do something spring-like. So I did some garden clean up and took a look at the green house. Last fall we raised a brood of chicks in it and they left it looking horrendous. Every surface was covered with chick dust including the window-walls. So I got out the hose and washed everything down and scrubbed it with a deck brush. Then I lined up all of my starter trays and put my starter pots in them. I think I've got about 4 trays of 48 pots and one tray that has 72 pots along with a ton of little 4x4 round and square pots. I didn't add all of those up but it makes more starts than I can put in my 1800 sq ft garden.

Today's not as nice as yesterday but having all of those empty pots made me itchy to plant something. So today I went digging in our compost pile for "dirt" to put in my pots then planted some Miner's Lettuce, Pompom lettuce and Snap peas. They are all pretty cold hardy so they should be OK. The greenhouse should keep everything from freezing but it doesn't really keep things warm in there. I wanted to plant spinach but realized that I used all of my seeds last season. Oh darn, I guess I HAVE to make a trip to Flower World. :)


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