Friday, April 23, 2010

Too many roosters

So, every year around September we order a new batch of chicks to add to our flock. Ideally we'd be culling our old hens to make room for the new ones, but we have so far been "chicken" and have just let the old ones die of old age or other chickenly ailments. In each of these batches of chicks the company sneaks in a couple of roosters. So now we have 4, count them 4, roosters! Who in blazes needs 4 roosters?!? Who really needs one? But, lucky us, we have 4 roosters running around our yard crowing at 3am and throughout the day. (the picture of the 4th rooster is on the side bar on this page.) If anyone wants a rooster, or 2, or 3, please let me know and I'll drop them on your doorstep...I may drop them on your doorstep even if you don't ask. Just Kidding...or maybe not.

The starts in the greenhouse are looking pretty nice. I remembered after my last post that I still need to plant some broccoli and cukes as well as red cabbage and golden beets. I'm not really sure how this Miner's lettuce is going to turn out. So far it looks pretty strange for lettuce, but we'll see.

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