Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cleanse: Day 3

Day 3:
  • Had the usual for breakfast, cheerios with banana and rice milk
  • took fiber pills
  • Did an hour on the stationary bike and rode about 10 miles
  • For lunch I had some noodles with veggies and sesame soy dressing and a Jamba juice all fruit and juice smoothie
  • For a snack I had a boiled egg
  • Dinner will probably be corn and bean salad and some grilled chicken

So far the cleanse isn't leaving me feeling deprived of anything. I guess my method is to specifically NOT deprive myself of, say, dessert but to find something that can fill that spot that fits the guidelines of the cleanse. So I'll sometimes make my no sugar banana bread or have apples and natural peanut butter or some dried plums to feed the sweet tooth. If I'm in the mood for comfort food like spaghetti and meatballs, I'll use whole wheat spaghetti, a great sauce and turkey or chicken meatballs. So I eat what I like, but find alternatives that are healthy to replace the not so healthy versions.

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