Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cleanse: Day 7

Day 7:
  • Breakfast: cleanse friendly pancakes with banana and 100% maple syrup and took fiber pills

  • Lunch: Had the last of the corn and bean salad and the last of the rotisserie chicken leftovers from Friday

  • Dinner: Made soup from the chicken carcass, cabbage, green beans, scallions, squash and broccoli from the garden. This made enough soup to put into the fridge for dinner a few nights this upcoming week. So I won't have to cook then!

Entering the last week of the cleanse I don't know that I've really paid much as much attention to what I ate this time as I have in the past. I think I've incorporate a lot of this way of eating into my regular diet. The main think I find it hard to give up during a cleanse is sugar. I love chocolate and like to have some after dinner most days. But I guess by doing these cleanses every so often, I can "make up" for eating chocolate the rest of the time. And although I find eating dried fruit a good way to take care of a sweet craving, a prune is not chocolate!

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