Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Green, Money Saving Gift Giving Ideas - Part #2

This post is part 2 in the series. Each post will contain one or 2 green gifting ideas. Click here for part 1.
Green, Money Saving Gift Giving Ideas
10 Gift giving ideas that will save you money, reduce waste and save resources.

3. Give “time” coupons
Time is a precious commodity that can’t be purchased in stores. As such, it makes a great gift for any occasion. Customize your gift of time to suit your recipient. For dog owners, offer to walk their dog or pet sit for them when they go on vacation. For parents, offer to babysit. For family members, offer to do their household chores. For home owners, offer to paint a room or weed the garden. The possibilities are endless. Make coupons for your offers of time on fancy paper or print them from your computer using clip art or a publishing program. Since “Time coupons” are virtually free, they make great gifts for children or students to give to their loved ones.

4. Write a poem or an appreciation poster and frame in a refurbished frame
Although it may seem like something a child would give a parent, writing a poem or story to give as a gift can make a great gift for anyone. You can write down a fun or heartwarming memory you have of the person or write a short poem about the person and what makes them special.

If you don’t have the poem-writing gene, making an appreciation poster can make an even more meaningful gift. An appreciation poster can be something as simple as a photo collage or as complex as a “Ten things I’ve learned from you” list. Over the years I’ve made the “Ten things…” posters for almost all of my parents and grandparents. Although I’m calling it a poster, the finished product is usually only as big as a piece of paper. Thinking of 10 things you’ve learned from each person may be easy or it may not. I usually try to include a few funny items in my list and a few that are more heartfelt and sentimental.

Some examples of ones I’ve used are “I learned how to be a strong woman and stand up for what I believe”, “I learned that popcorn can be dinner”, “I learned that even adults can play games and have fun” and “I learned that 55 is the speed limit; you don’t have to drive that fast”. To finish off the poster I usually put a nice border around it or put a picture of me and the recipient at the top of the page then frame it in a nice frame I purchase or refurbish one that I already have.

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