Thursday, February 24, 2011

Primal/Paleo Experiment Day 4

Today is day 4 of my Primal/Paleo eating experiment. So far I have found this lifestyle to be fairly easy to follow. Dinners have consisted of a meat entree with a couple of veggie side dishes while lunch has been either leftovers or a couple of boiled eggs with fruit with a nut and raisin snack mid afternoon. As expected, Breakfast has been a challenge for me. I've been trying different dishes each morning to see what gives me enough energy go start my day while filling up my belly. Here's what I've tried so far:

Monday: Berry smoothie (gave me energy, but left me wanting something else)
Tuesday: Primal Porridge (gave me energy and definitely left me full. I almost didn't eat it all.)
Wednesday: Cinnamon Eggs (gave me energy and left me full, but wasn't my favorite meal)
Thursday: Orange and a slice of Coconut bread with nut butter. (gave me energy and left me full)

So far my Fruit and Coconut bread breakfast and the Primal Porridge are my favorite breakfasts. Primal Porridge takes more time than slicing and toasting some coconut bread, but it's a good alternative if I get bored with the other.

I'm also finding I'm not getting hungry while eating these foods. I have to remind myself (or have the kids remind me) that's it's time to eat. My belly's just not alerting me that it's empty and ready to eat again. Even at breakfast time I could wait quite a while before I eat and not feel like I'm starved. I assume that the foods I'm eating are just more satisfying than other foods. Whatever the reason, I feel like I'm eating less but feeling more full, which is always a good thing.


  1. sounds like your experiment is going well. Kathryn H. is a pro at making Paleo breakfast. She makes delicious veggie fritters to go along with eggs and bacon in the morning. I have the recipes, but the key is frying/cooking the fritter slowly so it is not mushy. You can use almost any grated veggie and turn it into a fritter mixed with egg, almond flour and herbs. serve with sour cream--delicious

  2. Ana, I'd love the recipes for the fritters. They sound very yummy! Do they keep well if you make them ahead of time and re-toast when you eat them or do you need to make them fresh when you eat them? And have you found an inexpensive source for almond or coconut flour? both are mega expensive at the grocery. Azure standard perhaps?



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