Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Afternoon Yoga in the Morning

After trying the Morning Heart Expanding Yoga Practice video by YogaYak the other day, I wanted to give the Grounding Afternoon Yoga Practice a try. However, my afternoons aren't usually as quite and child-free as my mornings. So, I tried Afternoon Yoga in the Morning. After sending the kids off to school, I rolled out my mat, turned off the lights and started the video. I love the teacher's voice and the ocean sounds in the background. It's so soothing and calm that you just melt into your mat during the initial meditation.

As with the Morning Practice, this one started with a nice warm up and Sun Salutation before moving into Warrior Poses. I found this practice to be a little more difficult that the Morning Practice. It included Wheel Pose (seen in the picture above), which I can't do, but it did give a modification for those of us who aren't quite as flexible as the presenter. It also seemed a little bit faster paced than the Morning Practice, which I liked. I would probably classify this video as Intermediate level, the same as they classify it, whereas I thought the Morning practice was more of an Advanced Beginner level.  It was a very nice video running 44 minutes. I plan to alternate this practice with the morning practice on days I am able to practice yoga at home.


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  1. I just saw this after debating with myself..."hmmm, can I do pm yoga in the am?" I enjoy the days I start with some invigorating yoga.



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