Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let's go racing!

Saturday was WQMA Ride Day! The WQMA (Washington Quarter Midget Association) is a volunteer run organization in which boys and girls 5-16 years old race Quarter Midget race cars (one quarter size of the midget race cars driven by adults) on an oval 1/20th mile track. On Ride Day any child can borrow a kart, helmet and other safety clothing to "race" around the track for several laps. The karts are set to idle around the track at a fairly slow speed with the gas pedal disabled, but even at an idle, the kids get a feel for what it's like to race a kart. The day also contained some real racing as the experienced racers took to the track to show the crowd what a typical WQMA race looks like.

I think if we had unlimited funds, we'd have 2 kids with their own karts and gear racing on the track every weekend during the summer. They seem to really enjoy it and their dad was nearly salivating over the For Sale karts around the track. The organization seems to be run by some really dedicated parents with a lot of knowledge about building and racing karts. Some families are so into the sport they have their own karts, trailers to haul the karts and an RV to live in while on the road at races. Although the sport is fun, I can't see us ever being that dedicated, but if someone wants to provide me with unlimited funds I'd consider it.

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