Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pork Shoulder with Spinach and Onions

The other day I was looking around the meat department at Costco where I usually buy their pork loin bulk pack, but I saw a package of meet labeled "Pork Shoulder Country Style Ribs - Boneless". That sounded interesting to me and the meat looked like the dark red of steak rather than the light pink of pork and was very marbled with fat. So, I grabbed a package and decided to cook some up for dinner. As with most of the things I cook, I really don't have a plan before the cooking begins, but these steaks turned out SO good! I think these country style boneless ribs have become my new favorite choice for pork steaks.

Pork Shoulder with Spinach and Onions
about 1 lb of pork shoulder country style ribs - boneless
1 Tbs butter or coconut oil
1 onion roughly chopped
2 ribs celery chopped
1 bunch spinach rinsed and stems removed
salt and pepper to taste

I chose a couple of "steaks" and started to brown them in my cast iron pan with a few pats of butter. Once they were sufficiently browned on all sides I added a chopped onion and a couple ribs of celery chopped then put them in the oven at 350F to finish cooking. After the internal temperature reached about 155F I removed the meat to a serving dish and put the veggies in the pan back on the stove top. I added a bunch of rinsed spinach to the pan, a sprinkle of salt and pepper then sauteed the onions, celery and spinach until the spinach was just wilted. Slice meat and serve with veggies.

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