Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome to our zoo

I thought it was bad enough that we had about 50 chickens, a cat and 2 fish, but as I'm standing outside the other day watching the proud mother hen parading her babies around the yard I noticed that a grey squirrel was walking past the hens looking for interesting things to eat most likely. A few minutes later one of those little brown squirrels ran down the tree under which I was standing and started chattering at me. Then not more than a few minutes later a bunny bounced out to look at the chicks then walked right through the middle of them to get where ever he was going.  I live in a zoo!

And  our yard is not limited to those cute cuddly animals that don't really cause any damage either. On other days we've seen a herd of deer grazing on our fruit trees followed shortly by one of us running through the yard clapping our hands trying to scare them away. And over the past few years we had a family of raccoons who frequented our yard as well. That ended in tragedy a few years ago when they ate 4 of our chickens. I've also seen a coyote, bobcat, an opossum and an owl visit occasionally. So far those have moved through without causing harm to our more permanent residents. There may come a day when that neighborhood bear decides to come to call and that's when I'll either start packing my bags or start shopping for a shotgun!


  1. Do you sell your eggs? We're looking for a reliable source that isn't too far away.

  2. We do! I guess you'd call us reliable during the spring and summer. During the fall and winter the production goes down to sometimes only a couple eggs per day. But we have plenty when the hens are laying. We keep a fridge on the back deck with eggs for sale.

  3. You'll have to start charging an entrance fee Angie ;) Your chicks are SUPER cute!



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