Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby chick video and we found another nest

This weekend we did a lot of playing outside in the sunshine! The Pacific Northwest on a sunny day is the most pleasant place to be in the whole world. The temp was around 75, the sun was shining and we enjoyed every minute of it. In the course of wondering around the yard I happened to notice something behind our greenhouse and water barrels. Upon closer inspection I realized it was a new nest of white eggs. Maybe this is where the White Leghorn is laying her eggs...or maybe it belongs to another feral chicken. Maybe at some point we'll find all of these nests around the yard, or maybe once we find one the chicken stops laying there and moves somewhere else. Who knows.

I also started feeling sorry for our broody hen that sits in the corner next to the house. She's there ALL THE TIME, and she's not even sitting on any eggs. So I grabbed a couple of eggs from the coop and put them in her nest. If she's going to be sitting there anyway she may as well have some eggs to sit on, right?

I followed our mother hen and chicks around a bit this weekend, too. The chicks are getting much braver and venture farther from mom as she walks around the yard. I think this may have caused an issue with one chick, though. On Saturday morning when Son went out to feed the chicks the mother hen almost attacked him trying to get at the food and then ran at full speed over to the feeder when he replaced it. When mommy hen ran away one little chick got left very far behind and started peeping for rescue, but mom was too busy eating to go get him. So he started wondering around trying to find her and ended up in the brambles rather than at the feeder. I wanted to try to help him find his way back, but couldn't go into the overgrown brambles. The next day I noticed that she only had 11 chicks following her around rather than the dozen she had before, but it's been warm at night and hopefully that little guy will find his way back to the flock...or maybe I'm counting wrong and he's already there. I hope so.

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