Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun in the back yard

Since sun is pretty scarce this summer we're soaking in every bit of it we can while playing in the back yard. When we moved into our house many years ago the first thing we did was put in the swing set. A few years later Hubby built us a new deck to replace the rotting one in the back yard. This summer we invested in a tether ball set and a new deck umbrella. The back yard is probably my favorite place to be. With the garden to putter around in and the chickens to watch, along with all of our various implements of entertainment we have our own little "Suburban Oasis".

It's a Jamba Juice kind of day.

Reading while swinging.

Gotta love that disc swing!

We frequently have balloons float over our house.

The boy has learned to pump on the swing!

Trying to take a picture of the girl and the boy kept mugging in the background.

The girl and her daddy.

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