Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garden Update

It's another cool wet summer here in the PNW. As a result the garden itsn't really moving along as it should be by this time of year. Some plants aren't really growing much at all and others aren't producing flowers or fruit yet. Maybe by August we'll have some warm weather that will result in some food coming out of the garden.  (I wrote the previous paragraph on Sunday. When I went to look at the garden yesterday I saw that there were several things to harvest. I got a good amount of strawberries, snap peas, kale, chard and lettuce. So I guess I'm getting a decent amount out of the garden. )

So far I've harvested some strawberries, rhubarb, snap peas, lettuce, chard, spinach, kale and one tiny sprig of broccoli. The zucchini and pumpkins had the first flowers of the season last week. Maybe those will turn into fruit sometime soon. My pole beans are winding their way up the poles, the cabbage is producing some large outer leaves and the beet greens seem to be growing as well. I've had some chard and beets bolt on me already this year, which shouldn't happen at all in a regular growing season. But as long as I keep coming up with ways to prepare greens we can eat out of the garden on most days. I'm still getting my veggie box, though, but have changed it to mostly fruit for the summer. If the apple tree produces apples this year, I may be able to cancel the veggie box in August...hopefully.

My sage flowered this year and grew huge. I moved it from the back yard to the sunnier front yard and it seems to love the new location.

See the white spider living in my pansies?

Weather vane?

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