Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photos of Rainbows and Large Food

This was an upside down rainbow that I saw in a mostly clear sky. According to Wikipedia this phenomena is called a circumzenithal arc, and arrises from refraction of sunlight through horizontally-oriented ice crystals, generally in cirrus clouds, rather than from raindrops. It forms no more than one-quarter of a circle centered on the zenith and on the same side as the sun.  Interesting.
Double rainbow on a rainy day.

Same double rainbow, but the bottom one got really bright (don't worry, I wasn't driving. )

The largest pancake I think I've ever seen! When my friend Kate ordered a side order of one pancake no one expected this.

Fresh picked cranberries. Although the cranberries themselves were pretty large, it was the quantity of cranberries that was memorable. I got to watch the dry harvesting of cranberries in a bog in coastal WA. It's very labor intensive and uses a walk-behind harvester that is no more than 3 feet across and moves no more than a mile per hour. But despite all that they had huge boxes full of whole berries.

Continuing the Cranberry theme we ordered the Giant Berry Cake with an even larger pile of ice cream and whipped cream on top. Five of us together couldn't eat it all. But we tried!

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