Monday, March 5, 2012

A Few Primal Lunches for the Kids

I'm giving the kids a nudge toward a more Primal lifestyle this week by making them Primal school lunches. I gave the kids a few options and they chose which they wanted to put in their lunch boxes. I also made up a batch of Primal waffles for them to eat for breakfast during the school week. I'm hoping to see a little less bouncing off the walls and a little more concentration from them. Maybe taking the gluten out of their diets will help a bit with that. And I'm hoping I won't have too many uneaten lunches return from school this week. We'll see what happens!

The girl has 2 days of Apples and almond butter and 3 days of sliced turkey, cheddar cheese and fruit.

The boy has 3 days of boiled egg white (he won't eat the yolk), oranges and cheese and 2 days of apples, almond butter and cheese.


  1. wow. your kids don't eat much! do you put some lemon on the apples or anything to keep them from turning brown? my kids won't touch an apple that has been sliced more than about 5 seconds beforehand... not that they are dippers anyway, but the slices would be nice, especially for the toothless one.

  2. I don't put anything on the apples. I just slice them with a sharp, non-serrated (sp?) knife and they don't seem to turn brown.

    I'm actually lucky if they eat all of that at school and don't bring part of it home with them. When they had sandwiches, the boy would bring home half almost every day and eat it for his after school snack.



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