Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Paleo/Primal Lunches

Here are this weeks lunch boxes for me and the kids. We’ve been having trouble getting protein into The Boy. He loves nut butters, but isn’t thrilled with meat that isn’t warmed up right then. I’ve sent him with various meats warmed up in the morning, but he just brings them home. So the other day I asked him, yet again, to choose meat for his weekly lunches. He chose ham steak, which I had; so I thought I’d give it a try. Well, that was clearly a hit and may be my go-to protein for him going forward. And The Girl liked it, too. Win for MOM! I’m not sure why cubed ham gets eaten while sliced doesn’t, but now that I know that fact about my Boy, I know what to do!

Ham cubes, apple sauce, sliced pears and Babybel cheese for the kids

Lunch for me: Leftover Pork shoulder with baby kale and carrots


  1. Where do you purchase your cubed ham? I'm in the process of making my home gluten free and more paleo. The kids are harder to shop foe these days.



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