Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Images from the Garden

Well, it might be summer here in the PNW...but I'm not certain. The garden is progressing slowly but consistently. We've been eating lettuce from the garden for about a month now and I still have lots of romaine left. The spinach finished several weeks ago and I pulled all of the turnips last week. I'm not really sure how to cook turnips, but I made a turnip gratin that was pretty tasty. I'll have to hunt down more recipes to use the abundance of turnips that came out of the garden.

The strawberries did pretty well this year. I got 3 or 4 pints over the course of the harvest and I still find a few stragglers out there now and then. Rhubarb is still going strong. I picked my first zucchini yesterday along with a hand full of green beans. So far my bush beans are way outproducing the pole beans, but that will probably flip in a few weeks.

I planted my cukes and watermelon in pots next to the greenhouse to give them some extra heat. So far that seems to be working pretty well. They are climbing up the fencing surrounding them, too.

I had critters eating all of my broccoli and cauliflower this spring, so I planted some of my other starts in pots with fencing around them for protection. That seems to be working so far. Hopefully whatever was eating them before hasn't found them in the pots.

Flowers are blooming all over my yard. My daisies and callendula are beautiful!


  1. I know it's not soup weather. But your turnips would be great in veg soup.I have just bought some ,to make soup.It's certainly soup weather here in the North East of England.

    1. Great Idea! What seasonings do you use in your soup? Do you just peel the turnips, cut them into cubes and throw them in along with the other veggies?

  2. have you ever successfully grown watermelon? i mean with actual melons? i got a start once, on a whim and it grew like crazy, all over the garden, but that was it. it was fun to watch, but a pumpkin vine would have performed better! ;)

    1. I got several softball sized watermelon a few years ago, but there was very little red inside them. I'm hoping that I'll get a few pollinated and growing on these vines, then I'll move the whole pot into the green house. I've tried growing hot weather crops inside the greenhouse floor but they never seem to get pollinated in there. I guess the bees and such don't want to go inside.

      Pumpkins are very hit or miss with me. 3 years ago I had nothing. Last year and the year before I had TONS of big ones. This year I haven't seen one female flower on the vines yet. So who knows!



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