Monday, September 24, 2012

Name That Carrot - The Results

A few weeks ago we had a naming contest on the Northwest Cavegirls Facebook page to name my strangely shaped carrots. You people are hilarious and slightly abnormal, I must say, and I loved the results. Thanks for participating in my hair-brained schemes. Here are the winning names!

Carrotpox - by Sue

Red Gummy Bear - by Angie

Stub - by Holly
Tiny Tim - by one of the cavegirls
Roasted Chicken - Angie

Manatee - by Peggy

Group Hug - by Tracy
Twisted Sister - by Holly

En Pointe Carrotina - by Kate ?

Bootylicious - by one of the Cavegirls

Twisted Robot - by D-M

I've got Legs and I know how to use them - by D-M 

Gonzo - by Rachel
Dr. Mephisto - by Chris
Bowlegged Cowboy with a Sunburn - by Dawn and Miina

Something Dirty - by Licia ;o)

Here are a couple more that the kids named.
Yoga Tree Pose

The Cobra
Jester Hat

3 Eyed Alien

Slasher Movie

The Brain

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