Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Strange Carrots

I harvested the carrots from my garden the other day to make room for some winter crops I'm planning to start. As usual, my carrots were all strangely deformed...and interesting. They're almost never straight and almost never orange like the ones you see in the grocery store. Although a few were odd-balls and looked more normal like this one.

But for the most part they looked like funny little people or deformed magical creatures. At least that's what the kids and I thought they looked like. But we tend to be a bit strange and funny ourselves, so you have to overlook our oddities. The kids and I started giving them names like "the Roasted Chicken" or "the Genie with Muscles" or "the Butt".

The carrots this year were so fun to name I'm going to post one each day on the Northwest Cavegirls Facebook page and get your ideas of what to name them. I'll post the pictures along with my kids' vote for favorite name and who supplied said name in a later post. Here's a preview of a couple of our favorites. What would you name them?

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